Imagining two in a coffin,2019

Cardboard, adhesive tape, 180cm x 70cm x 40cm

Designed in collaboration with Product Design student Jan Herbst (D)

Imagining two in a coffin is a cardboard coffin designed to contain one body plus another on its side and in disguise. It is built accordingly to the bodily dimensions of Curandi and Sully and literalizes the reference of the title of the exhibition ‘Two In A Coffin’ to the fragment of Adrienne Rich writing on women’s conditions of erasure at the dawn of modern institutional medicine. 

Once again in the context of the two-women show, the work supports the tension, diffused throughout the whole body of works, between a feminist claim of shared creation and proprietorship and the instance of legitimation in artistic work, usually tied to individual identity and interest.  

Half of the structure is mounted and supported by sawhorses on top of the flooding installation of Viability Test. It radiates the projection of the video Measure for Marwan. The other half is exploded flat onto the opposite wall where it supports the video’s visualization.

 Imagining two in a coffin works as a functional and installative prop, while literally reminding with its construction of the condition of two female practitioners involved in a laborious creative process.